25 February, 2019

Event sourcing crash course

This presentation explores the comparison of traditional app development using CRUD with ActiveRecord/ORM, in comparison to event sourcing. It additionally offers directions to learning more about Domain Driven Design, and helps define some of the lexicon used within the DDD world.

26 April, 2017

Flow and TypeScript presentation

Flow and TypeScript are both important tools within the JavaScript ecosystem that can help catch errors at compile time.

This lightning talk covers the differences between run time and compile errors, and highlights some of the available tooling that can help improve your development workflow and productivity.

26 April, 2017

React-native Presentation

React-native boosts an impressive list of features. Importantly it allows for developers to create native mobile applications using JavaScript and React.js.

This presentation highlights the developer friendly ecosystem, and powerful developer workflow that can be applied.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Declarative Component / View creation using React
  • Debugging via Chrome's developer tools
  • Hot module reloading
  • Time traveling and state management with Redux
01 December, 2015

Capybara Feature Testing

This presentation provides a high level overview of how to begin testing your web applications with Capybara which provides a Domain Specific Language for writing browser level feature tests for your web application, and RSpec the Ruby test runner.

It discusses testing from the outside in, as well as the benefits of testing, and test driven development. Importantly this presentation also provides detail on common race-conditions and issues associated with feature driven development, and suggests methods to deal with these scenarios.

04 May, 2015

React.js Presentation

React.js is a new and upcoming open source technology, maintained by Facebook, for creating complex user interface components - usually within the context of a Single Page Application.

Within this presentation I discuss a high level overview of React.js, describing the concepts of Pure and Composite components, eventually delving into more complex topics such as the flux pattern, build tools and testing.