16 April, 2018
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Developer tools

Here's a collection of useful tools that you may reap productivity from.

Last Pass

Last Pass is a password manager that can help generate unique, complex, passwords for all of the services that you sign up to. It also has great mobile support.

Tamper Monkey

Tamper Monkey is great for running custom scripts on arbitrary websites. You can use it to either change the user interface, or functionality of a website. For instance, I have used it as part of my development cycle to:

  • Provide auto-completion for frequently filled out forms
  • Log analytics requests, rather than send them
  • User Interface tweaks, such as modifying or hiding functionality

If you use Firefox, then you may find Grease Monkey useful.


Lighthouse is great for measuring website quality. It generates reports highlighting issues with performance, accessibility, and SEO best practices.


React Developer Tools

The React developer tools are great for viewing the React element hierarchy, analysing props, and viewing needless redraws. A must have for a React developer.

react developer tools

Immutable.JS Object Formatter

ImmutableJS provides immutability within JavaScript via a simple API.

Howeve, when logging these objects to the console - they are not printed in a useful way:

immutablejs without formatter

After installing the Immutable.JS Object Formatter:

immutablejs with formatter

JSON Formatter

At the time of writing, Chrome does not support pretty printing of JSON within the browser.

JSON Formatter steps in and provides this functionality.


Post Man

Postman is a http client with editing functionality, workspaces, mock client support, and more:


uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin A great ad blocker.


Docker is great for bringing up local containers, and for consistent deployments. For instance it is very easy to run react unit tests within docker.


I am a fan of using command line tools, but sometimes a nice user interface can be appreciated.

Kitematic's interface can search docker hub, create containers, view logs, configure network settings, and more:



Improve developer productivity by installing oh my zsh and choosing from some of the available plugins such as:

  • aws
  • docker
  • git
  • bundler
  • ruby
  • yarn


Postico is a PostSQL client for macs:


ColorPick Eyedropper

Wanting to find out the hex value of a particular color within your browser? Look no further.

ColorPick Eyedropper is useful for extracting the colors directly within the browser.


Dimensions can calculate the exact width/height between elements on the given web page.